Date: 2004 - Year of the Wasp
Venue: Salcombe
Virgin: None
Interesting Incident: * Warning * Adults ONLY sucking incident
Photo Gallery Andy Keeling

Under rule 5(c) section 4(a) rules state 

".. and on attendance of 10 consecutive periods the attendee shall ordinarily abstain from attendance of the 11th diet unless and in deference to, where - in person or by appointed proxy with appropriate authorities delegated under Rule 10 section 2a - the exception laid down in Rule 4b or part thereof which provides for attendance in the prescribed circumstances has been satisfied and the conditions are not in breach of the criteria defined within Rule 2d "attendance criterion" - section 3." and that also "on attendance of consecutive qualifying periods there shall be no attendance at an eleventh diet in series, excepting where and in consideration of by qualified attendees with, qualifying voting entitlements the omission of the eleventh diet would give rise for a qualifying attendee to have cause to apply under Rule 7(d) Frustration of partaking of the Croc, where in these circumstances an exemption will apply."

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